BCMstrategy, Inc. Releases Climate Finance Alternative Data Framework

BCMstrategy, Inc. Releases Climate Finance Alternative Data Framework

The Alternative Data Landscape for Climate Finance

Climate Finance Alternative Data Frontier

Climate Finance Alternative Data Frontier

The framework provides financial professionals with tools to assess and maximize the utility of alternative data regarding climate transition risks.

Policymakers have identified policy shifts as a driver of climate transition risk; our objective measures of climate-related policy volatility help investors make better data-driven decisions.”

— Barbara C Matthews

WOODBRIDGE, VA, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — BCMstrategy, Inc. today released a framework for assessing climate finance alternative data. The framework – in the form of two white papers – provides investors with a survey of the main sources and types of alternative data available today to help assess climate-related transition risks associated with public policy shifts (CRRM3 White Paper 1) as well as likely sources of language-derived climate-related alternative data in the near future (CRRM3 White Paper 2).

BCMstrategy, Inc. has been generating quantitative data from climate-related economic and financial policy since early 2020 using patented technology. The award-winning multi-factor time series data together with the underlying structured language data provides quantitative finance professionals with the foundation for measuring climate-related public policy risks objectively and in real time.

“Public policy shifts regarding the climate transition will permeate the economy, from fiscal and monetary policy to trade and financial regulation policy, but financial firms face challenges incorporating the verbal data into their quantitative risk and pricing processes. The framework released today includes the company’s data derived from the public policy process as well as other sources of alternative data relevant to assessing climate-related risks,” said Barbara C. Matthews, Founder and CEO of BCMstrategy, Inc.

“Policymakers themselves have identified public policy shifts as a key driver of climate transition risks. Financial firms currently measure material risks that impact enterprise value and portfolio risk. By converting the words of the public policy process into objective numbers, our notional volume measurements of climate-related policy activity and volatility will help investors make better data-driven decisions regarding potential risks and opportunities amid the climate transition,” said Ms. Matthews.

About BCMstrategy, Inc.: BCMstrategy, Inc. helps portfolio managers, risk managers, and geopolitical strategists make better strategic decisions faster through advanced technology. BCMstrategy, Inc. generates objective, ethically sourced alternative data derived from the language of public policy using 9+ layers of patented analytical automation. Backtests show the quantitative data helps portfolio managers, financial market strategists, and risk managers to anticipate policy-driven market volatility. Charts, graphs, and PDF documents are already available to Bloomberg Terminal users through the company’s V3 App {APPS PLCY <GO>}. Recent awards include: NATO Innovation Hub Challenge (Finalist, 2020); G20/BIS TechSprint Challenge (Finalist, 2021). For more information, please visit: https://www.bcmstrategy2.com/

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The Climate Finance Alternative Data Landscape

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