Boise Idaho Real Estate Market Update: November 17, 2022

Boise Idaho Real Estate Market Update: November 17, 2022

Jonna Weber from Jonna Weber Real Estate brokered by eXp Realty shares insights and statistics about Boise Idaho’s housing market. Is it still a seller’s market? Mortgage rate questions? Check it out!

What are we seeing in Boise’, Idaho’s housing market?
👉We are seeing a solid trend towards a buyer’s market
👉Currently have 3 months of inventory (4.5 months in Ada New Construction homes)
👉Buyer’s have continued to decrease as rates increased.
👉Mortgage rates are fluctuating and saw a good decrease last week
👉Resale sellers struggling with new construction comps dropping prices
👉Many sellers and buyers are sitting in “wait and see” mode
👉The median home prices continue to decrease & may continue unless the Feds do a U-turn on rate increases.

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If you’re wondering:
“Will the value of my home in Boise increase or decrease?”
“Is the Boise Housing Marketing headed for a crash?”
“Will Boise’s real estate market remain a “Sellers Market?”
“Should I sell my home in Boise?”
“How can we relocate to Boise?” (this one has been increasingly popular as people get wind of how incredible living in the Boise, Idaho area is)
“What can a buyer do in Boise’s seller’s market?”
“How can I get my offer accepted in this market?”

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