Hard Asset Management, Inc., One of the World’s Largest Rare Coin & Precious Metal Dealer Firms, is Seeing Continued Strong Demand & Price Appreciation for U.S. & World Coins

U.S. and World rare coins continue to appreciate in value and are expected to continue this trend as more and more individuals, family offices, and private equity firms enter the market

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - November 9, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

It has been another banner year for hard assets, as select U.S. and World rare coins have continued to appreciate with current global economic uncertainty. Hard Asset Management, Inc. believes the appreciation's key drivers are likely to continue with the global economic downward cycle we are clearly seeing evidence of and the ongoing search for safe havens for long-term capital appreciation. 

"We're seeing some of the strongest demand in history and price appreciation in both U.S. and World rare coins, especially in ultra-rare 'Trophy' coins," said Christian Briggs, Founder, and CEO of Hard Asset Management. "Collectors/Investors have realized for years that rare coins can be a safe haven that has provided long-term wealth protection as well as long-term capital growth, especially in uncertain economic times. Some of the biggest bull markets in rare coins have started at the beginning of a recession, much like today." Briggs added that they are particularly interested in "rare date" and the finest quality rare coins with low mintages or other characteristics that make them especially desirable. For anyone looking to add rare coins to their long-term asset portfolios, Briggs advises working with a reputable dealer or firm like Hard Asset Management, Inc. that can provide expert guidance on preserving and growing a diverse collection. 

Below are a few of our top picks we put a strong buy on over the past 12-18 months:

1795 $10 Draped Bust BD-3, 9 Leaves MS63+
2021 $1.25M
2022 $3.5M

1806 $5 BD-3, Pointed 6 MS55
07/22 $15,500
10/22 $35,000

1861 $20 Liberty Head DCAM PR66 
2021 $675K
2022 $1.95M

1910 $20 St. Gaudens Type 3 with motto PR66
2021 $195K
2022 $425K

1907 $20 Extremely High Relief Inverted Edge Letters PR68
2021 $2,200,000
2022 $4,250,000

*source: PCGS

Additionally, below are a few of our top World Coin picks over the years:

1839 Victoria "Una and the Lion" Gold 5 Pounds PF65 Ultra Cameo NGC
2020 $810,000
2017 $460,000

Finest Certified Meiji Gold Pattern 10 Yen
2022 $564,000.00
2011 $276,000

1937 Edward VIII 5 Pounds
2001 $85,000 
2021 $2,280,000

Hupeh. Kuang-hsü "Small Characters" Tael Year 30 (1904) MS62 PCGS
2022 $480,000
2013 $17,625

Victoria gold Proof 5 Pounds 1887-S PR64 Cameo
2021 $660,000
1990 $103,500

*Watch our full video on top gainers here.

Looking ahead to 2023, Hard Asset Management anticipates continued growth in the rare coin market as more and more collectors and investors seek to diversify their portfolios with hard assets. With a wide range of rare coins available at various price points, there has never been a better time in this bull market.

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