Real estate Training Video: How to use Yahoo Pipes to aggregate real estate listings for…

Real estate training video — how to aggregate real estate listings from Trulia

Yahoo Pipes is an awesome tool and if you are already familiar with it, you would agree with me on that. Yahoo Pipes is a mashup tool that allows you to aggregate content, filter your sources and generate an advanced output with just the right kind of results. There are many ways that you can use Yahoo pipes to enhance your experience on the web. Either you are a student, a businessman or a real estate person, Yahoo pipes would come in handy for all. This real estate training video will teach you how you can aggregate real estate listings from Trulia for multiple cities and see them all from one single RSS feed page.
This real estate training video explains all about using Yahoo Pipes. The idea lies behind grabbing the necessary RSS feed URLs for the listings for your desired cities from and then using those RSS feeds to mash them up and generate a RSS feed URL that will comprise of all your desired listings.
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