UK’s LandTech expands to the USA – to help alleviate housing shortage

USA – English

USA – English

UK’s LandTech expands to the USA – to help alleviate housing shortage USA – English USA – English

LONDON and MIAMI, Feb. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LandTech, the London-based proptech enabling property developers of all sizes to identify and assess off-market development opportunities, has expanded to the US, to help the country deal with its housing shortage of four million homes per year.

Utilised by the UK’s top ten housebuilders and more than two thousand property industry clients from architects, planners, government, local councils, commercial, power and residential developers, LandTech has opened its first office in Florida with its stateside team covering the entire span of the state from Gainesville to Miami. The award-winning platform’s full product suite already covers the entirety of Florida, with additional states soon to be announced.

Jonny Britton, LandTech’s co-founder, commented: “Our arrival in the US is no coincidence, especially with the supply of new homes shrinking 30 per cent in 2020 alone, and the countrywide housing shortage of four million new homes needed for the next five years.”

Placemaking beyond proptech

“Our mission is much greater than proprietary software, it’s about enabling a true sense of place, which technology cannot solve alone. We’re on track to achieving this, not least that our platform has brought together the largest and most varied raft of developers in the industry, all under one platform. Practically, this means developers are able to network together and promote deals, share best practice, while discussing key industry issues from all perspectives – whether it be looking for staff or analysing the heavily misunderstood green belt. Corporate development teams are able to forge partnerships while at the same time include the concerns and interests of local citizens – all parties must have a seat and a say at the table. Our deep research and analysis is constantly unlocking insights about places many hadn’t considered because of their siloed interests.

Our interest isn’t just delivery of a particular volume of houses and busting through planning, but rather ensuring community facilities and infrastructure, which enables true placemaking. The housing crisis, globally, will only be solved when all parties have a say and level of engagement, and we are the only platform to include everyone,” said Britton.

On Florida

“While we’ve chosen Florida as our starting point, it’s just the beginning. Over time, our vision is to create a suite of data-driven tools that enable real estate stakeholders across the US to build the communities we all desperately need,” said Britton.

With more than 60,000 UK houses having been built using LandTech, the platform has helped a multitude of developers find off-market land, helping them face less competition and securing the planning possible to maximise the site for housing, retail and more. The UK platform now also enables developers to appraise potential development opportunities and secure funding. 

North America backs LandTech

Having secured more than £42 million of series A funding in late 2021 from Washington DC-based UpData Partners and JLL Spark, LandTech has further secured an additional £10 million in growth capital from Canada’s CIBC Innovation Banking, making it one of the largest recipients of backing and funding from North America into a UK proptech.

The tweet leading to one of the UK’s most successful proptechs 

A frustrated twitter conversation in 2013 connected founding entrepreneurs Jonny Britton (former Newcastle-based town planner) and Andrew Moist, a software engineer from London. Moist, a complete novice to property development, was frustrated by having no insights to help him develop a self-build property in Shoreditch. Britton answered to his call and the two formed LandTech in 2014 – a meeting of minds of property industry and technology.

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