‘Collapse: Disaster in Surfside’ Podcast – Ep. 10: Listen to an Excerpt

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In 2015, construction on an ultra-luxury high-rise condo got underway just 15 feet from Champlain Towers South. Champlain South’s residents howled about the noise, vibrations, dust, disruption, and worried about potential damage to their building — but found that because it was just over the municipal border between Surfside and Miami Beach, there was little they could do about their unwelcome new neighbor.

In the aftermath, the developers and general contractor of the new building, Eighty Seven Park, were among the targets of a class-action lawsuit filed by survivors and relatives of the dead, but have insisted their work had nothing to do with the catastrophe.

Episode 10: “F*** that wall.” Construction Next Door and the Collapse of Collapse: Disaster in Surfside, a new podcast from Miami Herald/Treefort Media, takes listeners inside the dispute between Champlain South and Eighty Seven Park — and explores what role, if any, Eighty Seven Park may have played in the disaster.

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