EarthFund Platform Launch Party at Soho Beach House Miami, Bitcoin 2022 Week

EarthFund Platform Launch Party at Soho Beach House Miami, Bitcoin 2022 Week

Hey Earthlings 👋

During Bitcoin 2022, we held an exclusive party at Soho Beach House Miami to celebrate the upcoming launch of the EarthFund platform. Here’s your VIP pass to see all the action up close, including special appearances by Marc LoPresti and our friends at BattleFin.

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👋 Hey! Welcome to the EarthFund YouTube channel!

This is where you’ll find the latest behind-the-scenes updates and inside scoops as we build a first-of-its-kind crowdfunding platform on the blockchain.

The basic idea is this: we’re building a DAO-controlled crowdfunding platform for projects and ideas that can build a better tomorrow.

Think of it a little like GoFundMe on the blockchain, but completely decentralized and entirely controlled by the community.

That way, everybody has a meaningful voice in the shape of their future.

We’re building something decentralized and autonomous, we want to utilize all the user-friendly features of Web2.0 so that EarthFund is a platform designed for mass adoption.

Once it goes live, you’ll be able to join communities for causes you’re passionate about, crowdfund crypto treasuries, and vote as a collective on which world-changing projects get the funding they need to make a difference.

(In essence, we’re making blockchain, crypto and changing the world so simple your likes-photos-from-a-decade-ago grandmother could use it.)

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