10 Volunteer Families Needed to Host French Students July 6-29

10 Volunteer Families Needed to Host French Students July 6-29

Say hello to Anna, my French daughter. We LOVE Her!

Building International Forever Friendship

Enjoy a French Staycation. Have fun and make new friends. Great volunteer experience for the whole family!

FAIRFAX, VA, USA, June 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — We are seeking volunteer families to host our students. Compass USA has fostered volunteer homestays since 2000. I have hosted students for over 8 rewarding years. When the borders closed in 2020, we were disappointed to have our homestays cancelled. I have truly missed hosting for the past two years. Finally, our students are returning and they are eager to make friends and explore our beautiful communities.

After two years of inactivity, it has been extremely difficult to get restarted. I urgently need interested volunteers to host our students.

Our students are 14-18 years old. Several have been waiting almost three years to come to Fairfax County!

Jacques – 15 years I have been studying English for seven years,I also like studying French and history. I livewith my mother, my stepfather, my sister, and my cat, I enjoy biking, climbing, spending time with my friends, and I also like reading, watching movies, and playing video games.

Clarisse – 15 years In my daily life, I am very close to my family and have a very good relashionship with my younger brother and my parents. We travel, go to concerts, swim and ski. My favorite classes are
English and French, PE and Arts.

Thibaud – 17 years I’m only child and live with my parents. I actually practice basketball, nevertheless, I have also played rugby and practiced fencing. I know how to play golf and have been playing guitar for 8 years now. I also like to draw, especially portraits.

Anna – 17 years I learn English and Spanish for 7 years and they are my favorite classes. I live with my mom, dad, sister and our 2 cats. My passion is gymnastics that I practice for 6 years. I’m always excited about doing new activities, meeting new people and discovering new things, I never say no !

If you are interested in having an International Experience without leaving your home and promoting the growth of international understanding and worldwide friendships, hosting a student from France this summer is the perfect opportunity for you and your family!

Please reach out to Tiffany at 484-347-3459 to learn more.

Who can be a host family?
• A couple with or without children
• A single parent with at least one child living in the home
• English must be the primary language spoken in the home
• Each student must have his/her own bed in a private room. A fold out couch, blow-up bed or futon that is comfortable and can be kept as a bed at all times is OKAY! Can share a room with same sex/similar age host sibling
• A family must be willing to share meals.
• A family must be very excited about hosting.
• A family must be warm and giving-willing to spend time with their student
• All family members must be receptive and open to the homestay.
Host families receive a small weekly stipend to help offset the cost of having an extra person in their home.

Compass USA started promoting programs that build intercultural understanding in 2000. Our homestay program helps foster strong leadership skills and English language acquisition. Our staff works as a team to provide quality programs throughout the country. Compass USA homestay and cultural experiences surpass typical vacations or tours. Participants learn to look beyond language, color and customs to discover the true character of others: a process that Compass USA believes will bring people of the world closer together one student at a time. www.compass-usa.net

Please reach out to Tiffany at 484-347-3459 to learn more.

Tiffany Werner
Compass USA
+1 4843473459
[email protected]
Visit us on social media:

You’re Invited to Be a Host Family

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