Asia Tourism Update โ€“ Asian Countries Open For Tourism

Asia Tourism Update โ€“ Asian Countries Open For Tourism

Asia Tourism Update – Asian Countries Open For Tourism
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After a long period of lockdowns and closed borders, South East Asian nations are opening their borders to revive their badly hurt economies.

Which countries are open for tourism this winter?

Thailand is on top of the list. While the country enforces strict entry restrictions only allowing fully vaccinated travelers who have also tested negative to enter the country, travelers are attracted to the tropical paradise despite the difficulties associated with entering the country.

Bali, Indonesia, another prime winter holiday spot has opened borders to fully vaccinated travelers willing to quarantine at their own expense. Obviously, few people are willing to undergo this process as it’s tedious and costly so the country should expect to see a relatively low percentage of returning travelers in 2022.

Vietnam has plans to reopen top tourist destinations by December 2022 but it all depends on how vaccination rollout.

Cambodia is scheduled to reopen 2 designated areas this month. Once travelers have spent 5 days in the designated areas, they’re allowed to move freely throughout the country.

Which of the discussed countries are you going to visit this winter? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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