Norwegian Cruise Line Resumes Operations from United States | Travel News

Norwegian Cruise Line Resumes Operations from United States | Travel News

#NorwegianCruiseLine Resumes Operations from #UnitedStates | #Travel News

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Tuesday May 25th.

July being one of the busiest months for travel, and this year packs an extra special punch, with many destinations opening up for the first time since the start of the pandemic. So according to a recent study, the most popular destinations to travel this summer are: Montenegro, Philadelphia, The Bahamas, Iceland and Mexico.

Germany has now put a temporary ban on travellers arriving from the UK because there has been a spread of the new COVID variant that was first spotted in India. So arrivals must quarantine themselves for 14 days even if they test negative against the virus.

People who have only received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine out of the two doses will be able to use the EU’s Digital Green Certificate to travel within the EU. This is because a large population of EU citizens would have received only 1 dose of the vaccine by Summer. This measure is to not create an unfair disadvantage.

Norwegian Cruise Line expects to resume it’s cruise operations from the United States to Alaska and the line is hoping to offer week-long voyages.

Source: Conde Nast Travel, The Local, I am Expat, Breaking Travel news.

Norwegian cruise line resumes operations from the United states.

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